Be a modest prayer

First of all, thank God for protecting my friend and me from being injured in the horrible accident and guiding me to find a bodyshop that can fix my car with reasonable cost. “Be modest and careful, be polite and patient, and don’t waste time” will be my lifelong motto.

I swear, from today 7/10/2011, stop shopping clothes, cosmetics and jewelries until Thanksgiving Day, otherwise, I’m gonna bankrupt for sure.

Money, time and friends are the most important things to be treasured! Without them, I cannot survive myself in this practical world.

Keep in mind, from now on in this life, drive slowly and hit brake heavily when right turn!!!

Another thing to keep in mind, never put red clothe with other ones into laundry machine together!

Be a modest prayer, staying alerted and staying low key should be daily practice. Never lose cool unless you have an intention to make use of your anger.


Austin is a big shell

Cannot install PPstream, so cannot watch 非诚勿扰… Living in Austin without PPstream, there are lots of new things to check out!

Searched online and got address of GoDance studio, then drove there and took Salsa and Bechata courses. $16 per class, $95 per pair of shoes!!! And only ugly ones  left…Bought shoes and took class. Pretty happy and enjoyable with basic steps, inside/outside turns, walk-through, open break, etc. Male partners here are much better than guys in Shanghai, at least they have sense of dancing.

Watched Kongfu Panda 2 3D at Regal Gateway Cinema recommended by GPS. Good movie! Make me proud of being a Chinese. Only the $10+ ticket was not so nice. Because of it, I saved one planned meal at Asian Cafe suggested by Bobby, and believe I will try Ants Climbing a Tree someday in the near future.

Living in a big city can be lonely if knowing nobody and nowhere. People drive aggressively, what you see day in and day out is car, car, car…and buildings, no human bin stop for you unless you violate traffic rule…This is what I did in the beautiful Sunday morning, right turned to a one way 3 lanes road, got beep and yell, my first time catching other people’s attention in this city 😛

People don’t trust people easily, but people want to trust people eagerly. Being a selfish person is easy and can take a bit advantage, but he/she loses everything from the person who he/she takes advantage from at the same time. Don’t be a stupid shallow selfish individual unless you intend to disgust somebody. Be nice and be willing to help is always the key to make friends. Friends are important! Especially when you are alone in a new city.

Austin is a big shell. Shining and pretty. Don’t know yet if it is empty to me.

At least, I have to work really hard to make some deliverable next week, and need to make reservation for driving test. Don’t take risk too often, good luck comes and leaves unpredictably. 居安思危,切记切记!




一天前,年轻理性美丽的室友Yu和我坐在College Station的越南面馆吸着Pho饮着美味汤汁,畅谈周遭、人际和下个学期的住房;还是一天前,智商让人艳羡的、目前为止认识的人中身价最高的师兄和我在Texas Roadhouse啃着稍微有点焦和咸的牛排,祝福未来顺利、健康、有钱;两天前,美丽到出名的刚从中国返美的老乡来我家喝已经不带翅膀和腿的鸡汤、吃烤芦笋,互道衷肠;几天前,和开朗漂亮大方的Ying一道逛Mall一道在家看电影吃种类多的应接不暇的零食,眺望下学期、展望看不到头的明天;更早些,在可爱漂亮干练的邻居Jingyi的陪同下,开高速、考驾照、品尝酸酸甜甜入口即化的non-fat icecream,理解生活理解爱情。。。




1. 在还没有搞清楚的情况下就站出来反对公司的制度规范,指点一二。尽快了解不成文的着装要求。什么是可以接受的,什么是不能接受的;你怎样和别人进行交流沟通;你们是在喝咖啡时互通信息,还是用电子邮件交流,抑或是去对方的隔间或办公室;晚上,公司的人什么时候离开办公室。你可能想改变这种情况,但是首先得弄清楚规范是什么。

2. 在你没真正弄明白谁是公司的“救世主”之前,认为自己是公司的“救世主”。正如美国著名管理专家、犹他州大学教授科威所说的,“先努力做到了解”。

3. 一心扑在自己的工作上,对其他事情不闻不问。和同事和谐相处、一起共事是你的职责所在,要主动敞开胸怀,和他们搞好关系。和新公司里的核心人物搞好交道,当你需要有人助你一臂之力时,就知道该去找谁。和你的工作团队中的部分成员相约去吃午饭,进一步增进7解。你工作的一部分就是让自己的工作和整个团队的业务能够平稳顺利地运转起来。

4. 没有明确老板的期望是什么。你也许对自己的工作有明确的预期目标,但你需要知道老板的想法。对于需要优先考虑的事情和某件事完成的最后期限,先征得老板的同意。

5. 拒绝接受自己犯的错,然后不停地给自己找理由。出错是难免的,尤其是在新的环境中。承认错误,记住绝不再犯,然后努力工作。

6. 在得到别人的认同之前就想进行改革。这在任何时候都是重要的,但是当你还是个初来乍到的公司新人时,这么做就会冒很大的风险。你得认清眼前的当务之急是什么,然后迅速将自身的价值和优点展示出来。在最短的时间内完成任务或许很重要,但你需要与别人协作以确保成功。

7. 被动等待老板的反馈直到年终考核。要与上司定期会面。可以是一周一次,也可以是一个月一次。主动询问老板对自己已完成事项的看法,阐述下一步的工作计划和打算,征询老板的意见。

8. 3个月内尚未取得任何业绩。确定一个90天内就能见成效的短期任务,然后按时完成。

9. 不认识同公司其他部门的同事。当你逐渐适应了新角色,熟悉了部门的同事后。主动去接触其他部门的同事,增进认识和了解,促进日后工作的正常运转。

10. 不注重社交,很少更新自己的简历。工作不是永久不变的,这一点是可以肯定的。你得去找另一份工作,除非你打算就此退休。拓宽自己的交际渠道,不断给自己的履历增添亮点。

One day I will drive in Toscana

Got my Nissan Altima today! 2006, black, spacious inside, and super cool!

Found an amazing blog post:, which reminds me a lot of my trip in Italy, summer 2009~ Idyllic, romantic, just like mellow grape wine.

Add into my plan — two years later, take 2 weeks leave, drive in the sunshine of Toscana, and stay in a quiet fishing village near to Mediterranean Sea, taste great wine, and talk to happy local residents~

Mystery or drama?

Somethings come and leave suddenly, out of control, out of expectation. Never try to keep, if it goes, it is doomed not staying in your life.

Believe destiny, believe fate, just as love fashion and love dancing ^_*

Treasure friends, opportunities and health, but can hardly ensure to live a healthy life…Is working hard a bad thing? If you value what it rewards you, then just do it! Is being sentimental harmful to yourself? Sure, it is!

Always follow my heart to make decisions, for life, love, and future.

Love is like a handful of sand, holding it more tightly, losing it more easily. If you really love something, set it free. If it comes back, then it is yours.



算是给自己鼓鼓劲,把vEB tree在O(lglgu)的时间内赶快搞定!




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